School Subjects / Las materias escolares

Subjects in School! Learn school subjects in Spanish with examples and images to improve and enlarge your vocabulary words in Spanish, particularly school vocabulary. Whether you are still in school or have finished and wish to talk about the subjects that studied whilst there, the most important thing you will need to know is how to say the names of school subjects in the Spanish language.

This is super important in situations where you might be applying for a job and the prospective employer wishes to know what subjects you studied. It is also great vocabulary for talking about the subjects that you are currently studying or perhaps which ones you enjoy and which ones you dislike.

School Subjects / Las materias escolares

School Subjects are areas of knowledge that students study at a school or university, such as math, music, art, physical education…

List of Subjects in School in Spanish

  • Maths(U.K.)/  Math (U.S.) / Las mates
  • Art / El arte
  • English / El inglés
  • Music / La música
  • History / La historia
  • Science / La ciencia
  • Geography / La geografía
  • Information technology / La informática
  • Biology / La biología
  • Drama / El arte dramático, El teatro
  • Swimming / La natación
  • Physical education / La educación física

School Subjects Names in Spanish with Pictures and Examples

Maths(U.K.),  Math (U.S.) / Las mates

  • ¿Qué tal el examen de mate? – No manches, está bien papita.( How’s the math exam? – Oh my gosh, it’s so easy.)
  • La profe de mate es bien buena onda. ( The maths teacher is really nice.)

Art / El arte

  • El arte siempre ha estado presente en mi vida. (Art has always been present in my life.)

English / El inglés

  • El inglés es un idioma hablado en todo el mundo. ( English is a language spoken all over the world.)

Music / La música

  • La música siempre ha sido una gran parte de mi vida. ( Music has always been a big part of my life.)

History / La historia

  • La historia es para nosotros un recordatorio y una guía. ( History is both a reminder and a guide for us.)

Science / La ciencia

  • La ciencia es un estudio del mundo tal como es.(Science is a study of the world as it is.)

Geography / La geografía

  • La geografía se ha simplificado: hay un arriba y un abajo. ( Geography has been simplified: there is just one above and one below.)

Information technology / La informática

  • La informática también es uno de mis campos preferidos. ( Information technology is also one of my preferred fields.)

Biology / La biología

  • La biología es el estudio de los seres vivos.( Biology is the study of living things.)

Drama / El arte dramático, El teatro

  • El arte dramático comunitario es un enfoque innovador que ha resultado efectivo para dar a conocer la Convención. ( Community drama is one innovative approach that has been effective in introducing the Convention.)

Swimming / La natación

  • La natación es el deporte que será gozado la mayoría. ( Swimming is the sport that will be enjoyed most.)

Physical education / La educación física

  • Por desgracia, la educación física en las escuelas ha perdido importancia, aunque es la base del desarrollo tanto físico como mental. ( Unfortunately, PE in schools has lost its importance, although it is the basis for both physical and mental development.)

School Subjects in English | Image

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