Photography / La fotografía

Photography / La fotografía

Photography vocabulary words in Spanish! List of photography terms in Spanish with pictures. Whether you work in the photography industry or not, knowing the Spanish terms used in this field can be of great benefit to you. For example, there are many mobile apps which centre around photography such as Instagram and various special effects apps. Being able to use these when they are presented in Spanish will help to keep you up to date with the latest technology as well as broadening your general vocabulary and helping you to sound more like a native speaker.

Photography Terms in Spanish

Types of Camera

  • SLR camera /La cámara de un sólo objetivo
  • Digital camera / La cámara digital
  • APS camera / La cámara APS
  • Instant camera / La cámara instantanéa

Different Parts of a Camera

  • Lens / La lente
  • Lens cap / La tapa de la lente
  • Tripod / El tripode
  • Zoom lens / El zoom
  • Flash gun / El disparador de flash

Photography terms in Spanish with pictures

Learn different types of camera and different parts of a camera with pictures to improve your Spanish.

Types of camera

SLR camera / La cámara de un sólo objetivo

Digital camera / La cámara digital

APS camera / La cámara APS

Instant camera / La cámara instantanéa

Parts of a camera

Lens / La lente

Lens cap / La tapa de la lente

Tripod / El tripode

Zoom lens / El zoom

Flash gun / El disparador de flash

Photography Vocabulary Words in Spanish| Picture

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