Parts of a bicycle / Las partes de la bicicleta

Bike parts in Spanish! Learn different bicycle parts in Spanish. Whether you are an avid cyclist or not, it is important to be able to refer to the different parts of a bicycle. This is useful if you have a bicycle which you need to take in for repair whilst in a Spanish speaking country as you will be much more easily able to explain the problem. It is also useful for when you are listening to conversations or watching TV as you will more easily be able to recognise words and what is being said. Take a look over this section to educate yourself on the Spanish names for the parts of a bicycle.

List names of Parts of a bicycle in Spanish

Handlebars / El manubrio

Brake lever / El freno cantilever

Brake cable / El cable de freno

Front brake / El freno delantero

Front vork / La horquilla

Hub / El buje

Spokes / Los radios

Rim / La llanta

Tire / El neumático

Wheel / La rueda

Crossbar / El tubo superior

Frame / El cuadro

Crank / La biela

Pedal / El pedal

Chain wheel / El cambio delantero

Chain / La cadena

Crossbar / El tubo superior

Seat / El sillín

Rear Brake / El freno trasero

Bicycle Parts in Spanish | Picture

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