Mathematical Symbols: Useful List of Math Symbols in Spanish

Math Symbols in Spanish! Learn useful Mathematical symbols (equal sign ‘=’, not equal sign ‘≠’, approximately equal sign ‘≈’…) with images and examples. In Spanish, there are certain symbols which are used in math and each of these has a name. It is very useful to be able to recall the names of these symbols as this will greatly assist you in your conversation and especially when looking at written Spanish. Perhaps you are a student, in this case, these math symbols will be extremely handy to have in your arsenal. Not only that, but by being able to state the names of these symbols, you will begin to sound more like a native speaker.

Mathematical Symbols

List of Mathematics Symbols in Spanish




+signo másplus sign
signo menosminus sign
÷signo de divisióndivision sign
×signo de multiplicaciónmultiplication sign
=signo de igualdadequals sign
%signo de porcentajepercent sign
( )paréntesisparentheses
signo de raíz cuadradasquare root sign
<menor queless-than sign
>mayor quegreater-than sign
menor o igual queless-than or equal to sign
mayor o igual quegreater-than or equal to sign
signo de desigualdadinequality sign
/barra de fraccionesfraction slash

Math Symbols with Examples

  • Suma /soo-mah/ – Addition
  • Resta /rehs-tah / – Subtraction
  • Multiplicación /mool-tee-plee-kah-see-on/- Multiplication
  • División /dee-bee-see-on/ – Division
  • Ecuación /eh-kwa-see-on/ Or Regla de tres / reh-glah deh trehs/  –  Equation

To actually do the math we need know the terminology below:

  • Más /mahs/ –  Plus

For example: Dos más dos (two plus two); Dos más tres son cinco. (Two plus three is five.)  Note that in other contexts, s is usually an adverb.

  • Menos /meh-nohs/ – Minus

For example: cuatro menos uno (four minus one); Cinco menos cuatro son uno. (Five minus four is one.)

  • Por /pohr/ – Multiplied by

For example: tres por cuatro (three multiplied by four); Tres por cuatro son doce. (Three times four is twelve.) In other contexts, por is a common preposition.

  • Para /pah-rah/ – Divided by

For example: ocho para dos (eight divided by two);  Doce dividido entre cuatro son tres. (Twelve divided by four is three.) Doce dividido por cuatro son tres. (Twelve divided by four is three.) Entre is another common preposition.

Some times, people say multiplicado por to express a multiplication and dividido para to express a division.

To express the answer to a math operation, you can either use son /sohn/ ( are) which is plural, in contrast with the singular verb “is” of English. It is also possible to use es or the phrase es igual a /ehs ee-gooahl ah/ (equals ).

For example:

  • Dos más dos son cuatro (two plus two is four)


  • Dos más dos es igual a cuatro (two plus two equals four)

Other typical mathematical equation

1 + 1 = 2
uno más uno es igual a dos
one plus one equals two
4 – 3 = 1
cuatro menos tres es igual a uno
four minus three is equal to one
4 ÷ 2 = 2
cuatro divido entre dos es igual a dos
four divided by two is equal to two
3 × 1 = 3
tres por uno es igual a tres
three times one is equal to three
noventa por ciento
ninety percent
√4 = 2
la raíz cuadrada de cuatro es dos
the square root of four is two
3 < 5
tres es menor que cinco
three is less than five
7 > 5
siete es mayor que cinco
seven is greater than five
6 ≠ 8
seis no es igual a ocho
six is not equal to eight
un tercio
one third

Other Mathematical Terms

Here are some less common mathematical terms:

El NúmeroNumber
El NúmerosNumbers
El Número parEven number
El Número imparOdd number
El Número primoPrime number
El Número enteroInteger
El PorcentajePercentage
El DecimalDecimal
Promedio, mediaAverage
Las matemáticasMath
La AritméticaArithmetic 
Dividido Por/Dividido EntreDivided By
PorMultiplied By
La Raíz CúbicaCube Root
La EcuaciónEquation 
 El Cuadrado DeThe Square Of
El Cubo DeThe Cube Of 
El IntergerInteger 
El ResultadoResult
La Calculadora Calculator
El TotalTotal 
La Fórmula Formula
La Proporción Proportion
La Probabilidad Probability
La Cantidad Quantity
El Cociente Quotient
La Variable Variable
El cuadrado de Square of
Elevado a la enésima potencia Raised to the nth power
Número imaginario Imaginary number
PromedioAverage, mean
Raíz cuadrada Square root


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