Fishing / La Pesca


Fishing words in Spanish! List of fishing terms in Spanish with pictures and examples. Fishing can be done as either a hobby or as a career. If you enjoy taking part in a spot of fishing or if indeed, you are a fisherman by trade, then knowing the Spanish terms related to fishing will be very useful vocabulary to have.

There are also a lot of television documentaries in the Spanish language which centre around fishing and so these words will help you to better understand what is being said in these. Here are some essential words and phrases for fishing in Spanish-speaking countries.

Fishing words in Spanish List

  • Lure / El cebo, El Señuelo
  • Hook / El anzuelo
  • Net / La red de pesca
  • Tackle box / La caja de anzuelos
  • Rod / La caña de pescar
  • Fishing line / El sedal
  • Reel / El Carrete
  • Bait / La Carnada

Fishing Terms in Spanish with pictures and examples

Lure / El cebo, El Señuelo

  • Este señuelo se llama señuelo de paleta y está diseñado para hundirse debajo de la superficie del agua. (This lure is called a plug, and it’s designed to dive beneath the surface of the water.)
  • ¡El pez cortó la línea con los dientes y se llevó mi cebo favorito! (The fish bit through the line and took my favorite lure!)

Hook / El anzuelo

  • Tuvo que recortar el anzuelo de la boca del pescado.(He had to cut the hook out of the fish’s mouth.)

Net / La red de pesca

  • Los pescadores estaban cosiendo sus redes.(The fishermen were mending their nets.)

Tackle box / La caja de anzuelos

Rod / La caña de pescar

  • El pez era tan grande que le arrebató la caña de pescar de la mano de un tirón. (The fish was so big it pulled the rod out of his hand.)

Fishing line / El sedal

  • Se rompió el sedal y perdí el cebo. (The fishing line broke, and I lost my lure.)

Reel / El Carrete

  • Sintió que un pez tiraba de la línea, así que enrolló el carrete para ver qué había pescado. (He could feel a fish tugging on the line, so he wound the reel to see what he’d caught.)

Bait / La Carnada

  • Usaron vísceras como carnada para pescar tiburones en el océano. (They used offal as bait to catch sharks in the ocean.)

Useful Fishing Phrases

Go fishing – Ir de pesca.

Trolling – Troleo.

Bottom fishing – Pesca de fondo.

Fly fishing – Pesca con mosca.

Live bait fishing – Pesca con carnada viva.

Can we try (trolling)? – ¿Podemos hacer (troleo)?

We want to (troll) – Queremos hacer (troleo).

We don’t want to (troll) – No queremos hacer (troleo).


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