Crime and Punishment / El crimen y el castigo

Crime Vocabulary in Spanish ! Learn Spanish words for crime and punishment through pictures and examples to improve your Spanish vocabulary. If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime whilst in a Spanish speaking country, it is vital that you are able to communicate the details to the police when they ask questions about what happened. This is a very important thing to add to your vocabulary and can assist you in staying safe.

Knowing crime vocabulary can also be very useful for listening and reading Spanish because it is a subject which often appears on the news, in TV shows and other media, giving you the chance to recognise words and phrases and therefore understand what is being said.

Crime and Punishment / El crimen y el castigo

Crime and Punishment Words in Spanish

  • Defendant
  • Suspect
  • Police officer
  • Detective
  • Gavel
  • Gun
  • Handcuffs
  • Jail
  • Fingerprint
  • Badge
  • Defense attorney
  • Witness
  • Court reporter
  • Judge

Crime Vocabulary with Pictures and Examples

Defendant / El acusado, La acusada

  • Acusado, ¿qué tienes que decir en tu defensa? ( Defendant, what do you have to say in your defence?)

Suspect / El sospechoso, La sospechosa

  • Sospechoso, ponga sus manos en su cabeza y salga. ( Suspect, put your hands on your head and come out.)

Police officer / El (La) policía

  • Policía, abra la puerta.( Police officer, open the door!)

Detective / El (La) detective

  • Detective, ¿tienes algo que decir en esta etapa? ( Detective, do you have anything to say at this stage?)

Gavel / El martillo

  • Algunas personas no hacen caso la llamada del martillo. ( Some people do not heed the call of the gavel.)

Gun / La pistola

  • La pistola rociadora tendrá una boquilla de 1,3 mm de diámetro que permita un flujo de líquido de 0,24 ± 0,02 l/minuto a una presión de funcionamiento de 6,0 bar –0, +0,5 bar.( The spray gun used shall be equipped with a nozzle 1,3 mm in diameter allowing a liquid flow rate of 0,24 ± 0,02 l/minute at an operating pressure of 6,0 bars –0/+0,5 bar.)

Handcuffs / Las esposas

  • Las esposas eran un poco incómodas. ( Handcuffs were a little uncomfortable.)

Jail / La cárcel

  • La cárcel normalmente es el punto de entrada para todos los prisioneros. ( Jail is usually the entry point for all prisoners.)

Fingerprint / La huella digital

  • Luego puedo ver la huella digital y sé que has estado ahí. (I can see your fingerprint, and I know you were there.)

Badge / La chapa

  • ¿El sentido del humor te lo dieron con la chapa? (Does that sense of humor come with the badge?)

Defense attorney / El abogado defensor, La abogada defensora

  • Se refiere a que será una especie de abogado defensor. ( I think she means kind of like his defense attorney.)

Witness / El (La) testigo

  • Testigos la escucharon gritar, y vieron el coche alejarse.( Witness heard her scream, and saw the car drive off.)

Court reporter / El taquígrafo (La taquígrafa) del tribunal

  • La audición se grabará por un reportero del tribunal.(The hearing will be recorded by a court reporter.)

Judge / El (la) juez

  • Kevin, éste es el Juez Wagner que investigará su queja. (Kevin, this is Judge Wagner who will investigate your complaint.)
  • Juez, usted sabe que no es la clave de este caso.(Judge, you know it is not the key to this case.)

Crime and Punishment / El crimen y el castigo | Picture

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