Parts of the Car / Los partes del coche

Car Parts in Spanish! List of different parts of a car in Spanish with examples. If you are driving through a Spanish speaking country and suddenly find yourself having car trouble, you are going to need to call for roadside assistance or take your car to the nearest garage. If this happens, you will find things will be much more easy if you are able to refer to the names of the different car parts.

In this section, you will be able to learn the Spanish names of the parts of a car which will grow your vocabulary and help you in communicating

Parts of the Car in Spanish List / Los partes del coche

  • Headlight / El faro
  • Mirror / El retrovisor (lateral)
  • Window / La ventanilla
  • Trunk (US), boot (UK) / El maletero, El baúl (MX)
  • Brake light / El luz de freno
  • Tire(US), tyre (UK) / La llanta
  • Door / La puerta del coche
  • Hubcap / El tapacubos
  • Gas tank  (US), petrol tank (UK) / El depósito (de gasolina)
  • Roof / El techo
  • Windshield(US), windscreen (UK) / El parabrisas
  • Hood(US), bonnet (UK) / El capó, El cofre (MX)
  • Turn signal, blinker / El intermitente, La direccional (MX)
  • Bumper / El parachoques
  • Headlight / El faro
  • Door handle / La manija (del carro)
  • Rearview mirror / El retrovisor
  • Windshield wiper (US), windscreen wiper (UK) / El limpiaparabrisas
  • Mirror / El retrovisor
  • License plate (US), number plate (UK) / La matrícula (SP), La placa (m)

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