Parts of a Motorcycle / Partes de una Motocicleta  

Motorcycle Parts in Spanish! List of different parts of a motorcycle in Spanish. Most obviously, you might need to refer to the various parts of a motorcycle if you get into difficulty with your motorcycle whilst in a Spanish speaking country. You will much more easily be able to communicate what sort of assistance you need if you can name the parts of the motorcycle.

Knowing these intricate details is a great way to advance your Spanish vocabulary and get your well on your way to sounding more like a native speaker.

List of Motorcycle Parts in Spanish

Throttle / El acelerador

Brake / El freno

Turn signal / El intermitente, El señal de giro, La direccional

Headlight / El faro

Mudguard (UK), Fender (US) / El guardabarros

Suspension / La suspención

Tire / La llanta

Axle / El eje

Fuel tank / El depósito (de gasolina)

Engine / El motor

Seat / El sillín

Brake pedal / El pedal de freno

Air filter / El filtro de aire

Oil Tank /El depósito de aceite

Muffler / El silenciador

Pillion (UK) / El asiento trasero

Taillight / La luz trasera

Motorcycle Parts in Spanish | Picture

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